Like most other pest control companies, we receive many phone calls each year for grey squirrels due to the damage they can cause, and also the noises squirrels make during the night which can be very distressing to home and business owners,

Grey squirrels are an invasive pest which are not native to the UK. As their numbers have increased throughout the UK, so has the damage they cause. Grey squirrels are also responsible for the decline in the native red squirrel.

Why Grey Squirrels need to be controlled

Even though grey squirrels are associated with being cute, there are times when lethal control of grey squirrels is necessary. The three main reasons for controlling grey squirrels are:

  • Their potential damage to your home, business & health
  • The destruction of UK forests
  • The impact on our native wildlife, in particular the red squirrel.

Grey squirrels can cause damage when they enter roof spaces of houses and buildings. They will chew on woodwork, strip insulation from electrical wires, contaminate cold water tanks with urine and droppings as well as causing emotional distress with the noise they make.

Signs of squirrels in your home or business

  • Scratching and rustling in your loft or wall cavity
  • Droppings in the loft area
  • Smell of urine, although this may indicate the issue has been ongoing for a while
  • Spotting other squirrels near your property
  • Fruit/ nuts being taken from bird feeders or the feeders being disturbed
  • Bark being stripped from trees
  • Holes in vents or damage to insulation foam


Preventing squirrels access to your property

Prevention is always better than the cure. Cutting back trees or branches that are overhanging a building, or trimming dense ivy can help prevent squirrels gaining access to a roof.

Blocking gaps and entrance holes with mesh or metal plates wherever possible will also prevent squirrels from gaining access.

WCS Squirrel Trap

Controlling Grey Squirrels

It is always recommended to contact professional pest control companies such as AG Pest Management to control squirrels which may be causing issues inside your property. AG Pest Management offer a comprehensive squirrel trapping programme (price is subject to survey). Please contact us on 01226 288844 if you are experiencing an issue with grey squirrels at your property.