Wasp Season is Well Underway!

Wasp season is well underway now and this nest was treated by our technician Steven just this morning! In general wasps are regarded as a nuisance pest and a threat to health. Many people have a genuine phobia, in some cases with good reason. Wasp stings may be unpleasant to most of us, but to

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Designed around the UV LED source, this new, innovative fly control unit delivers game changing fly killing technology to the professional flying insect control market! Fly catch trials have shown that the Ininiti® offers comparable catch results to a traditional 45W UV fly killer which use fluorescent lamps whilst offering a whopping 67% savings in

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Leave them bee…

Every year we receive a high volume of calls regarding bees setting up camp either in someone’s garden, or on the apex of a roof. Because of their beneficial role, every effort will be made to avoid carrying out control treatments against bees. Treatment with pesticides will only be considered as a last resort if

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Disinfection Services

Following on from our recent post, the service we are offering is a disinfection service, and NOT a deep clean service with regards to the COVID-19 virus. The service we are offering fumigates areas suspected of being contaminated with the virus. Generally viruses remain active longer when they have fallen on stainless steel, plastic and

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Squirrel Control

Like most other pest control companies, we receive many phone calls each year for grey squirrels due to the damage they can cause, and also the noises squirrels make during the night which can be very distressing to home and business owners, Grey squirrels are an invasive pest which are not native to the UK.

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We are pleased to inform you that we are moving premises. Our new address is Unit 11, Biz Hub, Longfields Court, Wharncliffe Bsuiness Park, Middlewoods Way, Barnsley, S71 3GN, but our phone number has not changed. It is still 01226 288844, and our contact email address is still info@agpestmanagement.co.uk.  Since we opened for business on

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Living with Bees

Bees are important and vital insects and are not normally classed as pests. In either case, they will only sting people if strongly provoked. Because of their beneficial role, every effort will be made to avoid carrying out control treatments against bees. Treatment with pesticides will only be considered as a last resort if the

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Flying ants making you fly off the handle?

Flying Ants Every year, vast amounts of flying ants appear on the same days in different locations around the UK. You may have already seen these little critters in their hundreds but do you know the reasoning behind their emergence? Flying ants typically emerge following bouts of rain where weather conditions turn hot and humid

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Who else is eating your cereal?

There are a variety of insects that can infest stored foods, damaging raw materials that are used at home or in business as well as contaminating the finished product. These are known as Stored Product Insects (or SPI). Infested products will make any affected materials such as dry fruit, rice & wheat unfit for

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