Pest hotspots in your home

For all of us, our homes are our havens. Our homes could also be a very attractive haven for pests such as rats and mice! It is possible to stop pests before they enter your home. By doing what you can to make your home as unattractive to pests as possible, you might avoid a pest problem entirely!


Your attic offers a retreat for rodents such as rats, mice or even squirrels. Your attic provides shelter, warmth and puts them very close to a food source – your kitchen.

Prevention tips:

  • Replace any damaged roof tiles.
  • Seal or block any holes and cracks where rodents may gain entry. A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a 5 pence piece!
  • Cut back any overhanging branches, vines or shrubs so they are well away from outside walls.
  • If your attic is used as storage space, keep any items in plastic boxes rather than cardboard to prevent rodents from nesting.
  • Inspect your roof space regularly for any signs of an active infestation.


Dragging out your winter woollies may also be dragging out the discovery of the common clothes moth living in your wardrobes.

Prevention tips:

  • Check clothes regularly for any signs of damage, particularly wool based clothing.
  • Wash all clothes and store in sealed bags.
  • Clean and hoover the inside of wardrobes regularly.

Another common problem found in bedrooms is bedbugs. These pests are present all year round but generally during and after the holiday season.

Signs of bedbugs:

  • Small dark brown or black marks on bedding
  • Shed nymphal skin
  • Live bedbugs


Many people use their garage as storage of household items rather than their vehicle. Like your attic, garages are also prime rodent nesting spots!

Prevention tips:

  • Cover any air grates with ¼ gauge mesh to prevent rodent entry.
  • Store items in plastic containers and keep items off the floor to remove any potential nesting sites.


The kitchen is often the room which is most at risk of a pest problem. This is usually down to the fact that food is readily available. There is also the risk of flying insects entering your home through open doors and windows during the warm summer months.

Prevention tips:

  • Store food in plastic, air tight containers
  • Empty bins regularly
  • Regularly clean and inspect under sinks, cookers and behind the fridge.
  • Install fly screens to doors & windows to prevent flying insects access.


If shrubs, grass and trees are left unmanaged and overgrown, they can provide great hiding spots, shelter and an easy access route into your home for rodents.

Prevention tips:

  • Keep all branches and shrubbery trimmed and away from the house.
  • Ensure bin lids are secured; try not to leave rubbish bags exposed as this could attract more rodents!
  • Store any fire wood at least 20 feet away from the house and 5 inches off the ground.

For more information on common household pests, please visit our A-Z of pests.

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