Following on from our recent post, the service we are offering is a disinfection service, and NOT a deep clean service with regards to the COVID-19 virus. The service we are offering fumigates areas suspected of being contaminated with the virus.

Generally viruses remain active longer when they have fallen on stainless steel, plastic and similar hard surfaces, rather than on fabric and soft surfaces.  England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty advised that the COVID-19 infection can remain on handrails (for example) for up to three days. Unless you can trace exactly where the infected person has been (in your premises), it is usually best to treat the entire area.

Upon contact (particularly on hard surfaces), the fumigant we employ is proven to control Coronavirus after a five minute period. In short, once we have fumigated an area, it is then safe for your cleaners to enter and clean in accordance with YOUR enhanced cleaning protocols.

Before any treatment can be administered, all smoke alarms need to be isolated, and electrical equipment (computers etc.) switched off.  This we normally assume will be done by others within your organisation.  Re-entry time into treated areas is 2 hours following treatment.

In order to provide a cost for the procedure we would need the approximate square meterage of the area requiring treatment (and the cubic area in metres if possible).  Any site plans detailing rooms will also be helpful. Please send as much information as you can to

Once we have this information, we can forward our quotation together with RAMS and other pertinent documentation.

Whilst we stock the fumigant in our warehouse, due to high demand, this is rapidly being used as are stocks held by our suppliers. At the time of writing, time slots for treatments are being booked – particularly time slots for out of hours working.