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Bird Control Services

AG Pest Management can help you with your bird pest control problems with our professional and humane methods. We can provide safe and reliable systems such as bird spike systems, birdwire systems, Bird Free optical gel system, Avishock system and bird netting installed across Barnsley, Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster, Rotherham, Wakefield and right across Yorkshire and Humberside to help you eliminate problems caused by pest birds.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting For Pigeons, Gulls, Starlings and Sparrows

Ensuring that our bird control systems and bird netting are effective yet as unobtrusive to your building as possible. Bird netting systems are the strongest and most versatile form of bird control and we can provide the very best bird netting systems to

keep those birds out.
Bird netting is an effective barrier for any building layout including courtyards, atriums, roofing voids, garages and guttering. It can also be used to cover fish ponds and sports clubs.

Whatever your pest problem, we can solve it for you.
Whatever your bird control problem, we can provide expert advice and a hassle-free solution.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a simple,maintenance free method for deterring birds from perching or roosting on ledges, sills, parapets, signage, beams, pipes, gutters & ridges.

There are several versions of spikes including stainless steel spikes that do not harm the birds, but are flexible, withstand UV rays from the sun and can be installed almost anywhere. They do not rust and are available in widths that will protect ledges from 50mm wide up to 320mm in a single row.

It is important to note that despite their flexibility and effectiveness wherever pigeons attempt to perch, spikes are less successful in very sheltered places. Pigeons have even been known to build nests on top of the spikes if it means they get to stay in their preferred roosting place. In this instance, a combination of solutions using netting may be appropriate.

Gull deterrent spikes are a heavy-duty, maintenance-free method of preventing gulls from perching on exposed features such as lamp-posts, drainpipes, guttering and any other ledge they feel affords them a commanding view, perfect nesting site or safe perching place.

Bird Free Optical Gel

Bird Free optical Gel creates a unique optical illusion that is set to revolutionise the bird control industry.

An innovative bird control system, that is quick, easy to use and is very effective. Bird free keeps all pest birds off structures without harming them, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the structure. Bird Free are a simple,maintenance free method for deterring birds from perching or roosting on ledges, sills, parapets, signage, beams, pipes, gutters & ridges

As the visual spectrum of pest birds includes ultraviolet, bird free’s patented formula appears to them as fire.

Spring Wire Systems

Spring wire is a stainless steel post and wire bird repellent system which works because it creates a physical barrier at the point where a bird attempts to land. The angled first row comes into contact with the bird’s breast, and gently expels it from the area. Because the wire is sprung the bird is not harmed and is prevented from landing.

Usually the bird will try to overcome this obstacle and this is the reason that subsequent rows of wires become necessary. These are special variants of the spring wire system which can be applied to tricky areas such as gutters, there is a special gutter clamp. For along leaded cornices etc. there is a long pin which may be applied horizontally.

The spring wire system is highly effective against pigeons but when it comes to starlings, an alternative system should be used. This is because starlings have been known to actually sit on the wires, even though the diameter is only 0.45mm. It can be used though, to some effect, against gulls where the longer and more robust 250mm post should be used. Sometimes it may be necessary to omit springs when using against gulls.

Bird Scaring Systems

Bird scaring systems are audio systems that work by mimicking the pest bird in distress so that the flock is under the impression that a predator has caught one of them. They can also mimic the sound of a predator again scaring the pest birds into flight. We also use audio scaring systems which emit loud and frightening noises at random intervals unsettling the pest birds into flight. The systems that we use are played out at a natural volume and so are realistic and considerate of the environment. Once the pest birds sense that danger is present, they will disperse.

Bird scaring systems can be used on their own or as part of a regime of pest bird management treatments. It depends on the extent of your pest bird problem. These systems are efficient and cost effective requiring very little maintenance, provided they are professionally installed.

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