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Wasps can be regarded generally as usefull insects, helping to control other pests and cleaning up Inside a wasps nestdead insect carcasses. They can even act as pollinators, but in general they are regarded as nuisance pests and a threat to health. Many people have a genuine phobia against them, in some cases with good reason.

Did you know a wasps nest is made from untreated dead wood from fence panels or garden furniture and sheds which is converted into a paste that the wasps use to construct their nest? A wasps nest is made up of a framework of downward facing hexagonal cells. Inside each cell, the Queen lays an egg to create a starter brood of worker wasps.

Wasp stings may be unpleasant to most of us, but to some they can prove fatal. The ability of these social insects to inflict multiple stings means that for certain individuals, they can kill.


Despite a high mortality rate, the need to control wasps is becoming more and more obvious, especially as the number of infestations appears to be increasing.

Wasps constructing their nest

Historically, there have been nine principle ways to apply this control:


  • Killing hibernating or spring queens

  • Nest Destruction

  • Insecticidal baiting

  • Trapping

  • Electric fly killers

  • Contact Insecticides

  • Preventative measures

  • Biological Control

  • Integrated Wasp Control

Destruction of a wasps nest should not be undertaken by an untrained person. If wasps are causing you a problem, it is advisable to contact a pest control company like AG Pest Management for fast and effective treatment of the nest.

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