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Washroom Products

Feminine Hygiene

Current Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 insist that all employers of women must provide a suitable method of diposing all controlled waste including female sanitary dressings. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that the management, carriage and disposal of controlled waste is correctly carried out and our range gives you two stylish and easy service solutions.

AG Pest Management's comprehensive service ensures your legal responsibilities are fulfilled through the regular safe disposal of sanitary protection.

Our product range provides solutions for washrooms of any size and shape with standard, slim line and pedal operated unit options. Crystalline powder in all units control odours and kills germs. Complete hygiene is ensured through each unit's wipe clean surfaces.

Air Freshener

On occasion, odours in washrooms can be unpleasant for you, your colleagues, visitors or customers, so it is important to manage your environment and help improve the quality of the air with fresheners. Our range is designed with this in mind to offer you a choice of air fresh units that produce fresh, clean aromas in a variety of fragrances, including an exclusive range of aromatherapy scents.

AG Pest Management's Microspray allows continuous control of odours and can provide up to one month of continuous protection, automatically releasing fine sprays of aerosol fragrances 24 hours a day.


Sanitiser System - Our sanitiser neutralises bad odours by inhibiting scale build up, preventing stains and providing protection against organic build up and bacterial growth. Designed to be installed onto the urinal fixtures as well as W.Cs, the AG Pest Management sanitiser is the ideal solution to common odour complaints associated with gent's urinals in particular.

The system is designed to release specially formulated and lightly fragranced solution in the last part of each flush to provide a fresher and more hygienic washroom facility. Fully automated, operating 24 hours a day with each flush. Battery powered with battery low indicator.

Toilet Seat Sanitiser - Our toilet seat sanitiser does exactly what it says. Giving individual users the ability to clean and sanitise the toilet seat before use to protect them from germs.

Dust Mats

Cleaning and replacing floors can be expensive. Moreover, research has shown that more than 70% of dust and dirt in buildings is walked in from outside. Whatever your environment you can protect your workplace with floor protection mats that hold this dirt and moisture.

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Hand care

Soaps - Our plastic soap dispensers easily wipe clean and are a stylish addition to any washroom.

Automatic Soap Dispenser - Incorporating a reliable battery operated dispensing system for touchless activation our soap dispenser removes the potential for germ contamination from push button dispensers.

  • 800ml capacity requiring less frequent refills
  • Lockable unit preventing vandalism or contamination
  • A flip cover makes the unit easy to refill
  • Battery low indicator

Foam Soap Dispenser - AG Pest Management offers the very latest in soap dispensing technology with its foam soap dispenser that utilises a conveniently compact concentrate releasing a unique antibacterial foam when pressed. Extremely economic the foam soap requires less volume than liquid soaps.

  • Lockable unit preventing vandalism or contamination.
  • A flip cover makes the unit easy to refill
  • 800 single shot capacity - long lasting

Hand Dryers

  • HD - Mistral 2200 - A quality yet economic hand dryer with a short drying time operated by an automatic sensor. Our best package combining efficiency with style.
  • Zephyr 2400 - A classic style offering high speed drying with automatic sensor.
  • Typhoon 1600 - Offering a solution for tight budgets. Remains stylish and efficient with sensor operation and short drying time.


  • Toilet Roll Dispenser - Plastic easy to top-up bulk pack dipenser. Dipenses one sheet at a time. (Also available in chrome)
  • Paper Towel Dispenser - White metal unit dispensing towels in C-fold, multi-fold, Z-fold and semi-fold formation. Has a useful visual indicator showing the paper levels, ensuring the dispenser never runs out!


We have multi brand dispensers, feminine hygiene dispensers, condom dispensers & organic product dispensers available in both white and chrome finishes. Regular maintenance visits from our staff will ensure all vending machines are well stocked and in good working order.

Baby care

We can help you help parents by offering a comprehensive baby care service and facilities. Baby change table, nappy disposal units & nappy dispensers are just some of the services that we offer.

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