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A range of our specialist fly units

Chameleon 4x4

The Chameleon 4x4 is a powerful high capacity sticky trap, which is particularly suited for large open areas in industrial food premises. An advanced electronic ballast circuitry reduces the running costs and increases efficiency. The absence of starters and the large board’s easy lateral insertion and withdrawal facilitate servicing.

 Price from £770.00 + VAT.

Nemesis® Quattro IP

The Nemesis is an all stainless steel industrial high voltage UV fly killer that is splash proof, draught proof and IP24 rated. It offers a heavy duty solution for corrosive environments or for areas where washing down or steam cleaning is required. It features a unique transformer that reduces the shattering of insects, 'power-on' and 'grid-on' warning lights and offers overall ease of servicing.

Price from £980.00 + VAT

Chameleon® EXG

This custom-designed unit has been exclusively engineered to allow protection in areas where gas and vapour are present such as: distilleries, and in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The use of a specific flameproof glass enclosure with excellent UVA light transmission, combined with two large surface area adhesive boards, optimises the fly control unit’s efficacy. The adhesive board holders are adjustable allowing installation in confined spaces.

Price from £1,950.00 + VAT.


An ATEX category 3 glueboard flykiller suitable for use in zone 2 and zone 22 areas, where there may be an explosion risk.

Price from £520.00 + VAT.


Developed specifically for harsh environments, Splashproof™ provides a
high quality solution to insect control where IPX4 protection is required. 
Incorporating high quality components and build quality. Splashproof™ is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel and UV stable polycarbonate.

Price from £380.00 + VAT.

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