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Insect screens for doors

Fly screens for doors mean that flies can be prevented from entering the premises, protecting sensitive areas and ensuring compliance with Food Safety Regulations.

Standard Fly Screen Door

These fly screen doors are a lighter version of our heavy duty doors but fitted only with standard mesh and without the support of a protective grille. These screen doors are available in both white and brown with single or double action options available

These 'all aluminum' insect and fly screen doors are ideal for use on domestic or small industrial premises that do not receive frequent or heavy traffic. The mitred corners are held together with strong metal keys that are riveted for extra strength.

Fly screen doors can be fitted over wooden, PVCu and metal doors and a sub-frame is sometimes fitted to avoid the insect screen fouling the existing door or furniture. Every standard duty door comes complete with its own self closer to help protect against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects.

Heavy Duty Insect Screen Doors

The heavy duty insect screen door allows you to maximise ventilation whilst still adhering to EHO and fire officer requirements. The stainless steel 18 x 16 mesh is strengthened by a protective aluminium grille, offering a very hard wearing door which covers the majority of applications and is a must for high flow traffic areas.

The insect screen door has a decorative protective grille that protects the insect screens stainless steel mesh from being kicked or punched out.

Each mitred corner is held together with a strong metal key that has been double riveted for maximum strength.

Our heavy duty fly and insect screen door can be fitted over wooden, PVCu and steel doors. A sub-frame is sometimes fitted to avoid the fly and insect screen door fouling the existing door or furniture.

Two Way Fly Screen Doors

These all aluminium two way insect and fly screen doors have been designed to conform to fire legislation whilst working effectively in front of a fire exit, supplied in standard or heavy-duty variety. This fly screen door operates smoothly in both directions before coming to rest within its own sub-frame, to make a perfect seal to protect against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects.

This type of fly screen door is purpose made to suit a particular opening, it will strike any crash bar or panic pad and open a fire exit door.

These insect screen doors are permanent fixtures and therefore the insect screens cannot easily be removed.

Fly Screen Security Doors

These lockable heavy-duty insect and fly screen security doors are designed to deter the opportunist "snatch and run" thief.

Our insect and fly screen security doors can be fitted in front of all types of single width front and rear doors to domestic properties only.

The metal outer framework of the security screen door is secured permanently to the existing door jambs and the door is riveted to the outer framework.

Fly and insect mesh can be fitted as an extra for these security screen doors to have a dual purpose.

Patio Door Insect Screens

Double sliding patio door fly screens are available for fixing externally to cover the whole of the patio door area protecting against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects.

A single-track sub-frame is secured permanently to the internal face of the existing patio frame; a single screen slides across the opening to form a perfect seal.

The patio door fly screens' framework is constructed from a heavier sturdier section that is able to support a larger meshed area. The size and position of the patio door handle will determine whether a single or double sliding screening system is required.

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