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A selection of our Glue Board Fly Killer range

Where an alternative to electric fly killing grids is required, we have a complimentary range of glueboard fly killers. This includes units which are discreetly attractive, being particularly appropriate in sensitive areas such as hotel lobbies and dining areas. They are silent in operation exceptionally easy to maintain. The glueboard units are specially designed to catch and hold large numbers of insects. The unique adhesive formulation remains effective for up to three months, even when exposed to UV light.


PlusLight™ is available as a slim white 30w wall/desk mounted product or a 60w stainless steel model, suitable for ceiling suspension. Both products incorporate a unique swing open front that moves the tubes away from the large glue area glueboard, allowing quick and simple glueboard replacement.

Price from £120.00 + VAT to £235.00 + VAT.

Insect-o-cutor IND 35

Designed for commercial, factory and warehouse situations, this unit has shatterproof tubes as standard.

 Price from £135.00 + VAT.

Halo 30

With a contemporary, discreet aesthetic and commercial efficacy, Halo is the most versatile glueboard flykiller available for use across a range of commercial applications. Halo is available as a slimline 30, 45 or 60W model which can be wall, desk or horizontal ceiling mounted, or a 2x30W double sided ceiling suspended unit. All Halo products feature a light reflecting swing down front guard, simple glueboard replacement and common high efficacy 15W UV tubes for reduced inventory requirements.

Price from £190.00 + VAT to £310.00 + VAT.

Edge® 30 Watt

Developed to be the most effective glueboard flykiller on the market, Edge® is designed around patented glueboard technology to catch significantly more flying insects than traditional glueboards.

 Price from £270.00 + VAT

Chameleon® 1x2 Discretion

Discreet and ultra-slim wall-mounted unit (free-standing bracket available). An attractive front cover conceals the sticky board and catch, which makes this unit ideal for areas in view of the public. Equipped with two powerful 15-watt Quantum BL tubes coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer and a standard Chameleon size sticky board. Available in white with white cover or stainless steel with stainless steel cover.

 Price from £196.00 + VAT to £250.00 + VAT

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