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Flying Insects

Flying insects in the home is not just a nuisance, some flies such as bluebottles can contaminate foodstuffs.

Other insect pests such as wasps can be a problem to those who have an allergic reaction to stings.

AG Pest Management supply a comprehensive range of units suitable for every budget & situation. This includes shatter-proof, draught-proof, splash-proof and explosion-proof options. A selection of our electronic range, glue board range, decorative unit range & specialist range of fly killers can be found on the drop down menu. If you cannot find the unit you are after please contact us as we have many other units available for purchase.

Unsure what type of fly unit to buy? Do you need a fly unit at all? Would you be better with fly screens? Do you need a fly unit with glass tubes or shatterproof tubes? Do you need a glue board unit or killing grid unit? How many fly units do you need? Unsure where to locate a fly unit? If any of the above questions are going through your mind why don't you arrange for one of our specialist surveyors come out to your premises and provide you with a free survey & quotation. With our many years experience we will provide you with the best advice & solution. Call or e-mail us now to arrange your free survey & quotation.

Remember once you have purchased you fly killing unit(s), machines should be kept clean and serviced regularly. Tubes should be changed ideally every six months, but at least every 12 months. When sticky trap units are installed, glue boards should be changed regularly and be kept as evidence of due dilligence.

Maintenance Service

All our staff have undergone training in servicing & maintaining fly killing units & also working at height off a wide range of access equipment. Therefore why dont you let us service your new or existing fly killers.

Contact us on 01226 288844 or via e-mail on for a free survey & quotation of fly units we have on offer. If you need more information or if you would like to arrange a free survey and are based in Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wakefield, Doncaster or the Yorkshire region, call us now on 01226 288844.

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