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Fly screens for windows

Fly screens for windows mean that flies can be prevented from entering the premises, protecting sensitive areas and ensuring compliance with Food Safety Regulations.

Hinged Screen

These strong, durable aluminium framed hinged fly screens are designed specifically for industrial and commercial use. Our hinged screens have mitred corners and a flat smooth face that make them unobtrusive and easy to clean.

With the aid of specially tailored sub-frames this type of insect screen can be fitted over many different types of windows and openings protecting against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects.

Each screen has a built in nylon brush pile in the back that crushes against every surface to form the perfect seal, allowing only fresh air in. 


Centre Pivot Screen

Two powder coated aluminium framed insect screens are used to screen this type of application when the opening handle is situated at the top of the window.

One fly screen is secured to the top half of the centre pivot window externally while the other is secured to the bottom half internally; the window opens normally between the two fly screens.


Sliding Screens

This is the workhorse of the insect screening family. These quality, hard wearing sliding fly screens locate themselves well in all environments and offer easy access for the opening and cleaning of existing windows. Two independently moving insect screens slide along a sturdy aluminium outer framework to form a perfect seal.

Screen on Sub Frames

Protruding handles can be a problem when fitting insect and fly screens to the rear of PVCu, aluminium and metal casement windows.

To overcome this we offer window fly screens with a sub-frame. Offering all the same benefits as our standard flat insect screens but with the addition of a sub-frame. The sub-frame allows the insect screen to be attached to the window leaving enough room so that the protruding handles do not make contact with or pierce the fly screen mesh.

The window screens have a built in on brush pile in the back that crushes against the sub-frame to form the perfect seal for protection against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects.

These window screens can be manufactured to open horizontally or vertically.


Canopy Box Insect Screen

A canopy box is the ideal insect proofing alternative if internal screening is not possible and is also the ideal insect screening method for external vents or roofs.

This purpose made aluminium box has been designed to secure to the external face of the window or the face of the stonework and provides protection against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects.

They are ideal for covering louvers and centre pivot windows. Hinged or semi-permanently fixed insect and fly screens are fitted to the external face of the box; this allows ventilation in, whilst keeping unwanted airborne pests out.

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