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Flea Species

There are around 2500 different species of fleas described worldwide with another 500 awaiting classification. The predominant flea of modern homes in the western world is Ctenocephalides felis - the cat flea - responsible for 70% of all flea complaints.

Getting Bitten? It may be static

On occasions, office workers may complain of being bitten by insects but when pest controllers are brought in, no signs of insect infestation are found. The reason could be attributed to "Cable Bugs".

"Cable Bugs" refers to static electricity. In environments where there are sources of static, such as the computer console and, especially where nylon carpeting exists, a phenomenon occurs which results in realistic-looking bite marks on the skin that look and feel exactly like flea bites. In rooms containing a lot of paper, electrical equipment and fibres, static electricity can cause articles of carpet fibres, paper splinters or fibreglass fibres to jump onto arms and legs. When static electricity builds up, tiny sharp particles of nylon carpeting can actually leap out of the carpet and embed themselves in the skin.

In such cases the problem can be solved by an anti-static preparation such as "No Stat". This is an antistatic and cleaner for treatment of carpets and other surfaces and will prevent the effects of static for weeks before retreatment is necessary.

Anti-static treatments can be carried out by AG Pest Management staff, please contact our office for further information.

Nuisance Factor

Fleas will often go unnoticed until, towards August and September, either people are bitten or pets beginCat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis) to suffer. When very hungry, fleas will jump onto people (not their prefered host) feed a little on blood, then leap off again to await a more suitable host.


Flea control is best directed at the free-living stages, when the flea is not on the host. Effective control means halting the flea life cycle rather than just treating the adult flea.

Treatments should be carried out by a professional pest control company to achieve effective control.

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