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A selection of our killing grid fly units

Plus Zap Range

The second generation PlusZap™ range offers a contemporary aesthetic design combined with high specification features, creating a stylish killing grid range ideal for commercial environments. The PlusZap™ range is available in a range of white, stainless steel or aluminium finishes with a choice of 16W, 30W, 40W, 80W & Eco models.

Prices from £40.00 + VAT to £200.00 + VAT.

Insect-o-cutor Allure 

Proven to have 60% greater UV light output than traditional electric flykillers. 
With an innovative, patented* open top design to maximise light output of the Synergetic™ UV tubes, this truly unique zapper flykiller releases light from the back, sides and top of the unit, creating 67% more useful UV light output than traditional flykillers utilising the same power UV tubes.

The price to buy this unit is from £280 + VAT.

Titan 300

This all-metal unit offers features and performance far beyond its price. Two powerful 15-Watt tubes gives protection up to 180 square metres.

Price for the white Tian 300 is from £242.00 + VAT, and the stainless steel Titan 300 is from £282.00 + VAT.

Insect-o-cutor Select Series

High performance combined with clean aesthetic lines, the select range is ideal for food preparation areas. The deep catch tray ensures that insects are easily contained within the unit.

Prices from £250.00 +  VAT to £500.00 + VAT.

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