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The mole (Talpa europaea) is a common British mammal and although it is rarely seen, due to its underground existence, its presence is well marked by the lines of 'molehills' above ground, produced Mole (Talpa europaea)as a result of its tunnelling activity.

Molehills and tunnels can be a real nuisance in gardens, golf courses, race-courses and farmland areas.
Moles are territorial creatures, living alone in an extensive network of tunnels covering anything up to 4 acres, in soils suitable for tunnelling. Almost blind but with a good sense of smell, moles feed predominantly on earthworms which they unearth during their tunnel digging activities. Several young are born every spring but within five to six weeks they move out, over-ground, to establish their own territories. If you have a mole in the garden, it is probably only one mole.

Controlling Moles

There are only two methods of controlling moles after the withdrawal of strychnine in 2006 and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. They are listed below;


With a success rate of about 80%, no digging but not residual. If it is successful in killing the resident mole, (it usually is) then the area may be re infested at a later date. The gas can not be used within 10 metres of a building or a water source and can only be used by licenced and trained operatives such as those that work for AG Pest Management.


Very labour intensive, traps may have to be moved several times before the mole is caught but the traps last a long time.

Gassing of mole hills to English Heritage grounds

In conclusion, like any pest problem you may encounter it is always best to have the problem dealt with by a trained professional. Ultrasonic devices purchased from the internet or from a DIY store in our opinion do not work. DIY traps, unless you get lucky, again will not work unless set correctly and in the correct location. This requires an understanding of the pest you are trying to kill. 

It's always best to call the professionals who have been trained to deal with the pests and have many years experience in achieving control.


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