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Flying ants making you fly off the handle?

2017-09-13T15:46:09+00:00 July 19th, 2017|News, Pest Articles|

Flying Ants Every year, vast amounts of flying ants appear on the same days in different locations around the UK. You may have already seen these little critters in their hundreds but do you know the reasoning behind their emergence? Flying ants typically emerge following bouts of rain where weather conditions turn hot and humid

Can you spot the difference?

2017-09-13T16:12:23+00:00 April 7th, 2017|News, Pest Articles|

Can you spot the difference? Many people think they can tell the difference between a bee and a wasp but are often mistaken. Wasps Wasps are slender, with a particularly narrow waist. They have a yellow and black striped abdomen and wings are attached to the mid section of its body. Wasps can be regarded as

Who else is eating your cereal?

2017-11-04T10:21:33+00:00 January 10th, 2017|News, Pest Articles|

There are a variety of insects that can infest stored foods, damaging raw materials that are used at home or in business as well as contaminating the finished product. These are known as Stored Product Insects (or SPI). Infested products will make any affected materials such as dry fruit, rice & wheat unfit for

What’s biting you?

2017-09-22T11:59:11+00:00 September 28th, 2016|News, Pest Articles|

Fleas are wingless parasitic insects which are 2-3mm in length, reddish brown in colour with flattened bodies and long legs for jumping from host to host. There are many species of fleas, but in the UK, it is the cat flea which causes most problems. Although they are active all year round, fleas are predominantly

Effective use of pest control methods

2017-09-22T12:33:00+00:00 September 15th, 2016|News, Pest Articles|

WARNING – some readers may find some images distressing. Rodenticides containing second generation anticoagulants have been on the market for almost 40 years. They are efficient and practical solutions to controlling rodent infestations in many situations, however, they are hazardous to non target species presenting cross contamination risks to many predatory and scavenging species of mammals

Pest proof your home

2017-09-22T12:40:34+00:00 August 25th, 2016|News, Pest Articles|

Pest hotspots in your home For all of us, our homes are our havens. Our homes could also be a very attractive haven for pests such as rats and mice! It is possible to stop pests before they enter your home. By doing what you can to make your home as unattractive to pests as

What mite be irritating you?

2017-09-26T11:22:11+00:00 June 23rd, 2016|Pest Articles|

Bird mites are tiny parasites that bite humans when their original hosts are gone. Bird mites can enter our homes by migrating from an empty bird nest on our property, from pet birds or other animals that may have carried them inside. Mites are barely visible to the naked eye. They have 8 legs and a


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Problems In general wasps are regarded as a nuisance pest and a threat to health. Many people have a genuine phobia, in some cases with good reason. Wasp stings may be unpleasant to most of us, but to some they can prove fatal. Stings The best treatment for non-allergic people is to wash the site