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Case Studies

Case Study: Bakery

Sector: Food
Who: Csaba Szedlak

Our bakery is based in South Yorkshire, from where we bake and supply a number of baked products to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, catering establishments, food manufacturers and other outlets across the UK and abroad.  We employ over 230 people and have worldwide sales of over £10m per annum.

AG Pest Management have been working with our bakery for many years and service both the bakery and our shops.

Quality Assurance Manager, Csaba Szedlak explains “AG Pest provide us with a full suite of pest management services across our sites. We really value their flexibility and responsiveness”.

In one particular incidence the bakery had found an insect and obviously needed to identify and eradicate as soon as possible.  AG Pest Management were able to attend the same day, identify the insect and therefore remove and prevent infestation.

The paperwork is also something that Csaba values; “I have often had auditors and other third parties asking who does our pest management because they say the paperwork is clear and easy to understand.  I don’t have to do anything with it as it all laid out professionally and appropriately ready for any applicable bodies to inspect” says Csaba.

The food industry standards are always something that our bakery needs to be on top of to ensure we comply with all new legislations. Csaba explains; “AG Pest Management are good at providing their services quickly and in a way that ensures we can more than keep up with the food industry standards and the paperwork”.

Case Study: Barnsley NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT)

Sector: Public Sector / Healthcare
Who: The Estates Department

NHS Barnsley operates over 3 hospital sites, 22 health centres and clinics and a number of office sites within a 40 square mile radius of Barnsley Town Centre.  AG Pest Management currently provides full pest management services to all of these sites.

The Estates Department at the PCT explains:

“We first came into contact with AG Pest Management when our last contract was up for renewal.  We were not happy with our previous provider and AG Pest Management provided us with a proposal that not only included better service provision, in terms of site visits but at a competitive price.”

Pest management is obviously an extremely important area for any healthcare provider. The Estates Department goes on to explain:

“AG Pest Management are able to provide us with a very quick job turnaround, normally with same-day response times, which is essential in a hospital environment. They have taken the trouble to familiarise themselves with each of our sites and they understand our services and needs. The lines of communication are always open with AG Pest Management and when we call we are confident we can talk to someone who we know is familiar with the site, so communication is easy. We would highly recommend AG Pest Management”.

Case Study: Community Venue

Sector: Community & Voluntary
Who: Kelly Wilson

The Community Venue is based in South Yorkshire and is home to many community groups and has over 500 people each week pass through their doors.

AG Pest Management have been working with the Community Venue for two years now, providing pest management services to the venue. Kelly Wilson (Centre Coordinator) explains “We have used AG Pest Management for a couple of years now and they are the best pest control company we have ever dealt with! They are 100% reliable and honest and nothing is too much trouble for any of their technicians and any call outs are dealt with within 24 hours. Adrian and Trevor are always on hand if there are any problems or even for advice on any issues we may be experiencing. They provide the best value for money along with a high professional standard, and with a facility such as ours, we want to ensure high standards throughout. Highly recommended to anyone needing pest control services!”

Family run cafe based in Penistone

This family run cafe has been a customer of ours for over 2 years now. We provide them with all their pest control services.

Karen Tyas (business owner) explains “I have been a customer of AG Pest Managements for over 2 years now. They have saved me money and given me peace of mind for my business. They offer great services, friendly staff and they too are a local family business. I would definitely recommend their services. They are highly experienced and great value for money.”

Case Study: Healthcare Provider

Sector: Healthcare
Who: Director

The health care provider run care homes across the Yorkshire Borough and utilise the services of AG Pest Management across 25 homes.

The Director explains:

“AG Pest Management were recommended to us and this is how we came into contact with them. The business was developing with more and more care homes. If we hadn’t used AG Pest Management we would probably have picked from one of the larger players and in my opinion we would not have received the same service level or value for money.”

The responsiveness and reliability of AG is something that many clients value. The Director goes on to explain:

“I know that if we happened to experience an infestation AG Pest Management would respond the same day and I know I can rely on them. In addition the frequency of their general check-ups and the quality of these alongside the feedback is appreciated”.

Case Study: Museum

Sector: Tourism – Museums & Attractions
Who: Roy Taylor

The museum is one of the UK’s largest purpose built art galleries outside London.  The gallery houses both historic and modern art and the highlight of the displays are the unique collection of sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, gifted by the Hepworth Estate.

The building has been specifically designed by the renowned David Chipperfield Architects and includes an auditorium, learning studios, gardens, café and shop.  With millions of pounds worth of artwork housed in the building the gallery needs reliable pest control.

AG Pest Management have been providing pest management services within the building since March 2010.  The estates manager responsible for all contracts and explains “Pest management was the first contract I set up when I joined the gallery a year ago.  We invited quotes from three separate pest management companies.  We chose AG Pest Management not only because they provided a competitively priced quote but also because they are a large enough company to handle our requirements and yet also provide the personalised friendly service of a smaller family organisation.  In addition I was keen to take on a local company to encourage our green credentials”.

He goes on to explain how accessibility, reliability and value for money are the key things that make AG Pest Management stand out. “I know that if I need something urgently I can call Adrian on his mobile and he will answer. Similarly when AG Pest Management say they will visit they do and their pest knowledge and skills is valued.  I do think they provide the best value for money and with a facility such as our museum we want to ensure the service levels are in place”.

Case Study: Toiletry Supplier based in West Yorkshire

Sector: Warehouse & Distribution
Who: Ian Shillitto

The toiletry supplier have been providing toiletry products to an international marketplace since 1982.  Their vast warehouse and distribution centre services all the major national retailers with toiletry products such as baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, first aid, cotton wool and maternity products.  And there is a clear need to ensure this centre is pest free.

AG Pest Management have been working with the toiletry supplier for a number of years and provide them with all pest control services.  This includes eight site visits per year including checks on both external and internal boxes, detailed reports and an annual technical visit.

Ian Shillitto (warehouse manager) explains “I have been working with the team at AG Pest Management for a number of years now.  I particularly appreciate their quick response times to any problems we may have and their efficient service.  They are a friendly team to work with and I would, and have, recommended them to others. They provide an excellent service.”

Our Customers Say

“AG Pest Management are able to provide us with a very quick job turnaround, normally with same-day response times, which is essential in a hospital environment.”


“I don’t have to do anything, as it is all laid out professionally and appropriately ready for any applicable bodies to inspect.”



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