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Carpet Beetle

Have you ever noticed mysterious little holes that appear in your clothing and you can’t remember snagging them to have caused the hole? You could be looking at an example of damage caused by carpet beetle.

Carpet beetles are active throughout the year but more predominantly during spring and autumn. They are insatiable feeders, consuming any amount of carpet, furniture and clothing.

Size, Shape and Colour

Larvae, known as woolly bears, are 3-4mm long and brown in colour, and tend to roll up when Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)disturbed.
 The larvae are segmented and hairy with 3 bunches of golden hairs on the tip of the abdomen. Adults are 1.5-4mm long and the body is of a multi-coloured pattern with a dense covering of scales. The patterns vary but are usually pale brown, yellow and marbled and similar in shape to that of a ladybird.

An adult carpet beetle can lay between 12 – 100 eggs that are 0.5mm long and cream in colour. Eggs are normally laid in old bird nests, felt and fabric. Eggs are laid in the larval foodstuff.

Adult carpet beetles emerge in March and are active throughout the summer. During late summer and autumn, the females will enter buildings to lay eggs. Adult carpet beetles only live for 2-6 weeks. The larvae hatch after 2-4 weeks and will feed until winter when they will sometimes hibernate if it is too cold.

Preferred Foods

Carpet beetles prefer any high protein animal materials, skins, furs, woollen products, dried meats and dried fish. They are often found in stored cereals and dry vegetable products. The larvae are very resistant to starvation and will survive for long periods.

Throughout the UK, carpet beetles are often found in flour mills, warehouses and packaging stores. They can sometimes be found on windowsills and confused with a ladybird. The varied carpet beetle is the most common carpet beetle found in the UK and cause a great deal of damage to all types of textiles, not only in domestic premises, but also in retail clothing, carpet showrooms and wherever textiles are stored in premises.

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