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The problem

For the property owner, feral birds can be a serious menace, especially in concentrated urban populations they pose a real risk to health, damage foodstuffs, deface buildings and increase property maintenance bills.

Health hazards

Pest birds are vectors of disease carrying a wide range of bacteria such as salmonella, psittacosis and Pigeon (Columbidae)ornithosis (a potentially fatal type of influenza in humans). Their nests also promote secondary infestations of unpleasant insects and mites. Then there is the increased risk of accidents from slippery, bird fouled pavements and staircases.

Loss of Goodwill

For many organisations where the maintenance of good hygiene standards is vital to corporate image, bird fouling on or around premises can threaten both reputation and customer goodwill.

Damage To Buildings

Nesting material, fouling and accumulated debris frequently lead to blocked gutters and downpipes, damaging overflows and possible water ingress. Bird droppings also contain harmful acids that actually erode stonework.

Food Contamination

In the food industry birds can cause untold damage, particularly in the light of today's stringent food Gull (Laridae)safety regulations, by contaminating foodstuffs with their droppings, feathers and dirt.

Maintenance Penalty

Bird fouling mars many building facades especially those with ornate features and this means expensive maintenance work to clean masonry, windows and paint work and to repair resultant damage.

The Solution

Bird Repellent Systems Spring Wire Systems:

Spring wire is a stainless steel post and wire bird repellent system which works because it creates a physical barrier at the point where a bird attempts to land. The angled first row comes into contact with the bird's breast, and gently expels it from the area. Because the wire is sprung the bird is not harmed and is prevented from landing.

Usually the bird will try to overcome this obstacle and this is the reason that subsequent rows of wires become necessary. These are special variants of the spring wire system which can be applied to tricky areas such as gutters, there is a special gutter clamp. For along leaded cornices etc. there is a long pin which may be applied horizontally.

The spring wire system is highly effective against pigeons but when it comes to starlings, an alternative system should be used. This is because starlings have been known to actually sit on the wires, even though the diameter is only 0.45mm. It can be used though, to some effect, against gulls where the longer and more robust 250mm post should be used. Sometimes it may be necessary to omit springs when using against gulls.

Bird Point Systems:

The bird point system is a ready assembled anti-roosting system designed to keep both feral pigeons and gulls off buildings. It is applied to buildings using a neutral silicone adhesive.

Plastic Base - The heavy duty base can be readily snapped off into small sections and the holes in the base can be used to screw it to wooden or similar like surfaces.

Bird Net System:

Basically there are four kinds of netting system. They are:

  • Cap nets - used to seal off open internal light well areas of buildings where birds have become a nuisance due to nesting and roosting activity.
  • Screen nets - used usually for the underside of canopy areas where birds are interfering with the loading activities of a company or are using the area as a perching point whilst awaiting entry into the factory.
  • Drop nets - used to encapsulate areas of the fronts of buildings either decorative features or indeed the total area when species such as starlings are involved.
  • Roof nets - these need particular considerations of their own. Fixings may be difficult to place, tiles and ridges do not make good anchor points, yet generally chimney stacks can be utilised, each instance is different.

Stainless steel is to be used in all instances, galvanised fittings are not to be used due to their poor life expectancy.

When installed correctly, netting is the most effective way to deny birds access to given areas. The mesh sizes are specifically chosen to suit the bird pests involved.

Net comes in various gauges (i.e. the size of the square) and is carefully chosen to combat the pest bird species involved.

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