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Case Study: Bakery

Sector: Food
Who: Csaba Szedlak

Our bakery is based in South Yorkshire, from where we bake and supply a number of baked products to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, catering establishments, food manufacturers and other outlets across the UK and abroad.  We employ over 230 people and have worldwide sales of over £10m per annum.

AG Pest Management have been working with our bakery for many years and service both the bakery and our shops.

Quality Assurance Manager, Csaba Szedlak explains “AG Pest provide us with a full suite of pest management services across our sites. We really value their flexibility and responsiveness”.

In one particular incidence the bakery had found an insect and obviously needed to identify and eradicate as soon as possible.  AG Pest Management were able to attend the same day, identify the insect and therefore remove and prevent infestation.

The paperwork is also something that Csaba values; “I have often had auditors and other third parties asking who does our pest management because they say the paperwork is clear and easy to understand.  I don’t have to do anything with it as it all laid out professionally and appropriately ready for any applicable bodies to inspect” says Csaba.

The food industry standards are always something that our bakery needs to be on top of to ensure we comply with all new legislations. Csaba explains; “AG Pest Management are good at providing their services quickly and in a way that ensures we can more than keep up with the food industry standards and the paperwork”.

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