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Alternative Fly Screens

Chain Curtains

Chain curtains are a very attractive, alternative fly screen for bars, restaurants, cafes and retail outlets, allowing easy access for both public staff whilst keeping private areas out of sight to unauthorised eyes.

Chain curtain fly screens are made from anodised aluminium links that will not rust. Our chain curtains are available in silver, red, blue, green, black, gold and bronze. They remain a cheap alternative for screening domestic and commercial premises, providing excellent protection against flies, bees, wasps and flying insects.

Our door chain curtains (chain door) fly and insect screens are ideal for the front or rear entrances found on most small businesses, the chain door curtain fly and insect screen is the cheapest method available for covering a door opening.

PVC Strip Door

Ideal for busy doorways where insect control can’t be compromised, PVC curtains allow easy access for staff without impeding the flow of air and light. 

Simple to fit, the PVC is hygienically easy to clean.

Perforated PVC Strips

Clear perforated grade PVC plastic strip offers all the benefits of clear grade PVC strip but allows maximum ventilation in and out of the premises.

Fly Screen Kits

Flyscreen windows offer an efficient first defence to prevent flies from entering premises, protecting sensitive areas and ensuring compliance with Food Safety Regulations.

Our new range of Flyscreen Kits makes flyscreen installations a quick and simple process. Available in five sizes, (650x950xmm, 950x950mm, 950x1250mm, 1250x1250mm, 1250x1550mm) the flyscreen kits are easy to install and provide efficient protection for windows in critical food preparation areas.

Manufactured using robust powder coated, heavy duty aluminium, together with PVC coated fibreglass mesh, the kits offer a strong, high quality preventative solution to flying insects. 

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